The award-winning Campbelltown Catholic Club presents South West Sydney with impressive dining, entertainment, accommodation, fitness and leisure facilities. As one of the top registered clubs in New South Wales with over 53,000 members, the club’s food service operation serves over 13,000 meals every week. Food safety and food quality is front of mind and the club’s decision to install CCP reduces business risk.

Michael White, Chief Executive Officer of CCP said,

“Effective and efficient commercial refrigeration supports every aspect of a sophisticated food service operation. If something goes wrong with the fridges, it causes enormous business disruption; and when it comes to perishable food, temperature underpins food safety and shelf-life. There is no doubt, automated continuous monitoring of refrigeration using low-cost cotemporary Internet of Things (IoT) technology is far better approach than out-of-date and error-prone manual checks.”

With CCP installed in refrigerators, an alert notification is immediately sent via email/SMS if temperature tolerances are breached.

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